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A solution for every application

Unlock your creativity with Somos® materials. For over 25 years, we having been working with our customers to accelerate product development, develop 3D printed tooling and create end-use parts. We have solutions for many applications include Prototyping, Injection Molding and Investment Casting.

Our dedicated Application team makes your job easier by rigorously testing our materials to find the best uses. With everything from reducing time and cost for Rapid Tooling to making Patterns for Investment Casting with extremely clean burn outs to minimize cleaning, you can easily find what you’re looking for to accelerate product development.

How SLA stacks up to SLS & FDM

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Are you living in the past and still believing the old numbers and beliefs that stereolithography (SLA) is brittle and only for prototyping? Discover how SLA stacks up to SLS & FDM here.

Know more about how your parts hold up over time