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Somos® in aerospace: Added thrust for your designs

The aerospace industry is all about pushing physical boundaries – and prototypes for new aerospace designs must do the same. Our Somos® 3D Printing materials are specifically formulated to withstand the rigors of functional testing for this important sector, delivering the accuracy and durability you need to reach new heights in the field.
Little boy in field with airplane

Whether you're commercializing or prototyping a new design, the aerospace industry relies on high quality materials that deliver both speed and strength. Somos® solutions help designers quickly test the functionality of their design concepts by producing prototypes that can withstand the extreme forces and temperatures that the industry requires.

Sometimes a new part is made via investment casting, where a ceramic mold is used to create ready-to-use parts. Somos®materials can complete this method with minimal ash residue to speed up the process – quickly bringing your design from concept to reality.

Launching with the right materials

Somos® provides a wide array of materials that hold up to the rigors of high-heat testing and meet the need for functionality and flexibility to provide accurate test results. While earlier generation SL parts were typically associated with brittle models, DSM has changed that perception with a new generation of durable and highly functional resins that have opened up new and exciting applications.