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Somos® in automotive and motorsport: A roaring success

The automotive and motorsport industries are under greater pressure than ever to lower design and production costs and work in a more sustainable way. Our Somos® material solutions enable you to take your prototyping to the next level—creating safer, better designs with speed and accuracy.
Woman driving a car

We know that speed – the ability to get quality products to market faster than competitors – is the key to success for our automotive customers. Somos® material solutions are formulated not only for that kind of speed, but also for producing high-quality, high heat resistant prototypes that look and feel like the real thing.

Somos® materials also boost your design efficiency. For example, you can significantly shorten development times by simultaneously producing multiple versions of the same part. In fact, as various concepts are sketched, Somos® materials can quickly bring them to life - and to market – faster than you may have thought possible.

The toughest test

In the past, it was often noted that stereolithography (SL) resins were simply not robust enough to create fully functional prototypes. But Somos® materials have since proven their worth in the most demanding environment of all: Formula One motor racing.

Today, Somos® resins are being used to put various prototype parts through their paces in all manner of Formula One tests—from wind tunnel, to fluid disbursement, to heat-resistance testing.

In serving this most demanding industry, we're applying new insights and experience to serve the mainstream automotive sector, making brighter lives for all…