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Somos® in consumer goods: From concept to reality

From furniture to sporting goods, designers are constantly looking for new ways to improve results. Our durable Somos® materials closely mimic thermoplastic performance, so that designers can use this fast, precise technology to introduce products into stores faster.
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The consumer goods industry has a wealth of applications, and a constant need to innovate and get products into the marketplace. Our wide portfolio of Somos® materials help customers meet these demands.

Furniture: Functionality meets design

Dynamic designs are ever evolving in the furniture industry. Somos® materials produce high-quality customized furniture and models in days instead of weeks - or months.

Sporting goods: A winning team

Athletes often turn to cutting-edge equipment to gain a competitve edge in their sport. To get lighter, better-performing gear, we know that designers need to develop more efficient, streamlined concepts to optimize perfomance. That’s why parts made with Somos® materials are used for functional testing, rapidly turning ideas into reality.

Consumer packaged materials: Stand out from the crowd

Packaging design can set a product apart from competitors - it brings appeal to a product, enhances the consumer experiences and influences buying behaviors. Thermoplastic-like Somos® materials offer the opportunity to assess the best fit for the product and the customer.

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