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Somos® in medical: Your perfect fit

When patients need treatment, they look for customizable options to fit their bodies. Our Somos® materials let you break the mold to provide optimal care and peace of mind for all aspects of treatment.
Fluid microchip

Increasingly it’s becoming essential for the medical industry to create tailored individual designs. Somos® 3D Printing material solutions offers Somos® BioClear* to meet these unique needs, giving patients a sense of security and comfort.

Keeping you compliant

The ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10 and USP Class VI standards are well known throughout the medical sector. To get the benefits of SL technology while keeping you compliant, DSM has recently introduced a new family of materials that meet these standards for use in medical device applications.

In other words, the 8,000-plus manufacturers worldwide who produce these devices, can now rest easy knowing that Somos® gives them the accuracy, customization and speed required for success while reducing the product development cycle.

*The parameters for medical testing are limited. It remains the responsibility of the device manufacturers to determine the usage fit for each particular device.

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