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Stanyl: A unique balance of properties

Stanyl® is renowned for its excellent thermal properties and heat resistance: But it also offers a great blend of mechanical and electrical properties, resistance to wear, moisture and chemicals; and flame retardancy.
Thermal camera image of 4 standing persons

Thermal properties

Stanyl has high stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures.


Detail of tensile test equipment

Mechanical properties

Stanyl has high weld line strength that beats LCP and doesn’t crack.


Laboratory flasks filled with various colored liquids

Chemical resistance

Stanyl is resistant to all commonly used fluids in automotive, including CaCl2.


Electronic schematic and multimeter

Electrical properties

Stanyl has excellent electrical properties and conforms to all global standards.


Morning dew

Moisture resistance

When exposed to moisture, the drop in stiffness for Stanyl is small compared to other polyamides.


Colorful smoke on black background

Flame retardancy

Stanyl® is available in several flame-retardant grades (including both halogen and red phosperous-free).


Two orange gears connected

Wear resistance

Stanyl has excellent wear and abrasion resistance and outperforms most other thermoplastics under most conditions.