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ForTii for DD3 and DDD4 connectors

The next generation of DDR4 memory connectors from leading Taiwanese manufacturer LOTES has been built using our own ForTii® H11 polyamide 4T for the all-important housing. Meanwhile, the material is increasingly being used for next-generation DDR3 connectors. In both cases, tests have proven that ForTii offers benefits superior to both liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) and polyphthalamides (PPAs).
Person holding a DDR4 between two hands, another DDR lying on the table

LOTES selects ForTii for DDR4

The new DDR4 family of connectors from LOTES meets OEM design needs across a range of devices, including servers, desktops, and voice gateways. By using high-flow  ForTii, LOTES has been able to design long-form connectors using multi-cavity injection molding techniques.

Because of the material’s excellent stiffness and high deflection temperature under load (HDT), the warpage of ForTii connectors after reflow soldering to the PCB is better than any Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCPs) and polyphthalamides (PPAs).

Furthermore, ForTii  is is entirely halogen and red-phosphorous free.

ForTii for DDR3 functionality

ForTii is also proving to be a perfect fit for the next generation of demanding DDR3 connectors thanks to its high flow, low warpage after reflow, excellent reflow after soldering – and outstanding pin retention.

The use of DDR-DIMM sockets in blade servers continues to increase, putting greater demands on components. ForTii enables DDR3 manufacturers to produce applications with reduced weight and height, enabling easy rework at lower temperature loads, with fewer heat traps and better thermal airflow. 

The result: A solution that benefits people, planet and profit.