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Hotting up: Under the hood applications

Any material used for Under The Hood (UTH) applications must be able to withstand the toughest of tests. ForTii is just such a material, offering high temperature resistance, to oil and other aggressive fluid found in the engine – and all coupled with excellent mechanical strength.
Car moving at great speed

In UTH applications our ForTii material is available in various heat stabilized grades developed for the harshest of conditions – including timing chain covers and charge air cooler end caps (CAC) – both cold and especially hot side…

Timing chain covers

The engine timing chain cover is subjected to fearful temperatures: ForTii is the only plastic capable of withstanding temperatures of 250°C for extended periods of time (2,500 hours-plus).

ForTii also offers the strength and stiffness of metals like steel. Yet, it’s 40% lighter.

The result: A proven solution that delivers you lower systems costs – both through material and processing benefits – while delivering reliable performance for the lifetime of the component.

Hot and cold side CAC end caps

ForTii can replace aluminum in the end caps of both hot and cold side charge air coolers (CAC), specifically the hot side – where charge-air temperatures are now hitting 200 to 250°C.

This thermoplastic can cope with the high internal pressures, vibration fatigue and shock. It gives you the highest sealing integrity for fixing to the aluminum inter-cooler, coupled with best-in-class stiffness and creep - which in turn allows for thinner walls and reduced weight and material cost – and of course lower CO2 emissions.

We can also help you reduce the risk of damage during crimping to the inter-cooler compared to PPS or PPA, thanks to ForTii’s excellent fatigue resistance, which enables it to withstand the pressure variations of the charged air.