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ForTii: Key product information

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ForTii® is a breakthrough high temperature polyamide with halogen-free flame retardant grades for a range of demanding applications . Discover its properties, processing characteristics - and of course the different grades we offer…


ForTii offers you a unique balance of properties including excellent dimensional stability, compatability with lead free reflow soldering, and the highest stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures.

In proven customer applications, the balance of exceptionally low moisture uptake, dimensional stability, high mechanical and thermal performance outperforms traditional polymers. More>


ForTii offers excellent performance when used in injection molding. It gives you better processing with a high flow, suitable for thin-wall molding and applications with demanding designs.

What’s more its rapid crystallization can accelerate cycle times. More>


We already offer a wide portfolio of ForTii grades – with more to come. Our portfolio includes both (halogen-free) flame retardant and non-flame retardant grades for both E&E and automotive markets. More>

Making the case for ForTii

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Take a look at what customers have made of this unique material.