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Mechanical strength in depth

High stiffness at elevated temperatures, good weld line strength and superb toughness… ForTii® has excellent mechanical strength. All of which makes it a versatile material for demanding applications in both E&E and automotive.

What makes ForTii superior to the current semi-crystalline aromatic polyamides? Some tend to have a high Tg but with low stiffness above Tg; others, vice versa. But never both.

Enter ForTii, which does combine both a high Tg with high stiffness above Tg.

Infographic Tensile stiffness - DMTA

Weld line strength

Compared to the incumbent solutions for connectors (LCPs), ForTii has a much higher weld line strength and toughness.

Infographic mechanical properties Stanyl ForTii with and without weldline
Infographic High thoughness - Flexural strength