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Solving the soldering challenge

ForTii® is ideal for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lead-free reflow soldering. In fact it brings you the second best moisture sensitivity level (MSL2) acc. IPC/JEDEC J-STD 020D for SMT in the most demanding applications. And not before too long we expect it to meet the highest MSL-level (MSL1).

Lead-free soldering is fast becoming an industry standard in the wake of ever-growing pressure to reduce harmful substances from the production process and producer greener products,. The big issue of course is warpage and finding a material able to cope with the increased heat and maintain its overall stiffness and durability.

ForTii solves this challenge thanks to its combination of high melt temperature (325°C) and low moisture absorption – all of which means that ForTii grades perform very well in SMT applications up to peak temperatures of 288°C.

Deformation is minimal and ForTii makes it far easier for designers to predict the warpage.