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What can you expect when you work with DSM Materials Science Center?

DSM is a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. 

DSM Materials Science Center applies its comprehensive understanding and experience of materials chemistry, process technology, processing, properties and analysis & characterization to solve your analytical science challenge, problem or question.

The analytical and application expertise we draw upon for clients is based on many years of proven experience in key markets like chemicals and (bio)materials. Increasingly it's focused on how these different branches of science intersect, in applications like drug delivery systems and next-generation food packaging for example.

Putting our market knowledge to work

In polymers, resins and chemicals

DSM has over 100 years of heritage. Today it’s the leading supplier of sustainable high performance materials in automotive, electrical & electronics, building & construction - as well as advanced surfaces for the solar industry.

In nutrition

DSM is the world’s leading supplier of nutritional ingredients including vitamins, food and feed enzymes, cultures, yeasts and nutraceuticals.

In biomedical

DSM is the leading medical device materials development and manufacturing partner in the world. In fact, there are an estimated six million people walking the earth today with implanted devices containing our biomaterials.

Our people

At DSM Materials Science Center we're proud to employ some of the best scientific minds in the industry.

We build on the excellence of our people. Our competences encompass outstanding knowledge in the analytical sciences and state-of-the-art technologies - which is why 40% of our scientific staff hold PhDs. Nevertheless, what really makes our team unique is its deep knowledge of the challenges our customers are facing. These range from research, through development to final production of chemicals and (biomedical) materials.

Questioning ourselves

We continuously invest in our people, assuring our business impact. For that reason, they are recognized within the industrial and academic R&D communities. Apart from representing our organization in national funding agencies boards, acting as reviewer for various scientific journals, often invited to speak at international congresses. In order to scout for new top scientist, some of our team members play a proactive role in the academic society; either as professors or visiting scientists.

The bottom line: Bright Science. Brighter Living.™

In addition to our science team, our business managers act as intermediaries, all having profound training and experience in analytical sciences, project management and account management. They are there for you to discuss your individual analytical questions and support for your R&D project.

IP security

Protecting the information of our customers

Experience has taught us that co-creation with our customers is the best way to deliver the greatest value at the fastest possible pace. Which is why we put a firm emphasis on Intellectual Property (IP) security. In fact the IP security at DSM Materials Science Center has been independently certified as being above standard by an external audit team compiled by representatives from the Holst and ISPT institutions. Quote “the learning ability and especially the mindset of the employees is focused on IP security”.

Extending IP & security

Beyond customers, our collaborations at DSM Materials Science Center extend to our wider scientific network. Whether working with private or public partners we are dedicated to ensuring that IP is defined and protected to ensure that everyone benefits from the analytical science innovations we help create.


Our analytical problem solving strategies: ASQ

The management of your complex analytical science projects happens through our Analytical, Strategy and Quality (ASQ) team.

Solving complex analytical challenges

This team of senior scientists works hand-in-hand with our customers, translating your challenges into effective strategies built on solid and proven processes and state-of-the-art technologies – at speed.

Transparency and excellent communication are essential – not only in steering projects in the right direction, but for analyzing and reviewing their success. In short, our ASQ team leaves nothing to chance in ensuring we give customers the results they need.

Our ability to successfully partner with our customers in a fast and transparent way is one of the qualities that provides them with a genuine competitive advantage.

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