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Ultimately it’s our analytical science capabilities that create value for customers by bringing new insight to their applications and processes. We build these capabilities within the DSM family and outside - through our scientific network and of course with customers.

Molecular imaging

Gain insight into the distribution and organization of polymers in (bio)materials at a molecular level with ultimate chemical and spatial resolution. This in turn enables the rational design of properties, for example in thermal resistance, oxygen permeability and chemical stability.

Small molecule profiling

Characterize and quantify complex mixtures through state-of-the-art and 2D separation technologies combined with advanced mass spectrometry technologies - supporting chemical route scouting, for example.

Materials & chemical processing

Create profound understanding in design and upscaling of material or chemical processes by integrating off- or on-line monitoring strategies with chemometrics-boosting reliability through new analytical strategies, including sensor technologies, advanced statistics and feedstock control.

Macromolecular characterization

Relate details in molecular microstructures of poly-disperse (bio)polymer materials to meso- and macroscopic properties.

Catalyst characterization

Correlate the morphology of catalysts to their performance as function of feedstock variations (fouling/ deactivation) and reaction kinetics in a regulated pharmaceutical environment: For example, reducing energy use during catalyst production through in-depth understanding of the deactivation processes.

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    Our markets

    We provide analytical science solutions in the fields of (bio)materials, synthetic or bio-based polymers, and fine & industrial chemicals.

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    Case studies

    DSM Materials Science center demonstrates its expertise through a wide range of analytical science case studies covering different markets and applications.

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