Catalyst characterization

Our capabilities

The complete picture

From investigating air-sensitive catalyst samples to analyzing their performance in-operando, our capability in catalyst characterization is built on unrivalled experience and expertise.

A full decade of experience

In catalyst characterization we bring customers far more than basic experience in active site distributions or deactivation processes. This gives us a deep understanding of the characterization of (bio)catalysts in small molecule and polymer synthesis.

Solving real analytical challenges

Just one way that our catalyst characterization capabilities have helped customers:

  • Investigating air-sensitive catalyst samples
    The challenge was finding that air-sensitive catalysts were deactivating. We provided valuable insight into the problem - and a subsequent improvement in performance using SEM-EDX imaging and mapping technologies.


Morphology covers our ability to characterize the spatial assemblies of molecules. It answers the universal question: “What does the surface or interface of my product look like?" Combining the competences with data analysis & statistics and process analytics creates the unique capability to fully characterize a catalyst in its context.

Analytical science competences

Our unique combination of competences in morphology, process analytics and data analysis & statistics drives our work in catalyst characterization.



Electron microscopy – cryo-wet SEM (VERSA -3D)/EDX, TEM (Osiris), Cryo TEM (UM), STEM-EDX
X-ray scattering (tensile stage - SAXS, WAXS, XRPD)
HR optical microscopy
Atomic force microscopy (Nano-IR)
Solid state NMR (400 MHz - melt probe)
(Confocal) fluorescence microscopy (UM)
XPS (outsourcing)

Process analytics

On-line NIR
MS. Micro-Reactors (Gas-, Liquid-, Solid-phase) coupled to analytical devices – DSC-NMR/ DSC-Raman/ TGA-GCMS/ EGA-GCMS/ Pyrolyser-GCMS

Data analysis & statistics

White box modelling (reaction kinetics)
Numerical mathematics
Method validation
Data mining,
Chemometry (PLS, PCA)
6-sigma support
Image data analysis
Algorithm development
Tools development (macros in Excel, GUI)

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