Materials & chemical processing

Our capabilities

Building reliability

We help build faster, more efficient materials & chemical processing capability for customers facing complex scientific challenges - from additive screening to detailed structural analysis.

Understanding the challenge

If you want to upscale and build more reliable production processes then you need new and improved analytical strategies for the material and chemical processes involved. We help you define the correlation between the chemical composition of the feedstock and the final products as a function of reactor design/conditions; the morphology of the feedstock.

Solving real analytical challenges

  • Insight into polymer processing
    We mimic the processing of materials (via extrusion or injection molding) by applying novel calorimetric technologies to reveal the accurate crystallization (solidification) and temperature rates of polymers - vital parameters of their process ability.
  • More efficient polymer additives screening
    Additive analysis is an excellent method for gaining an in-depth understanding of processing polymers but it can be time consuming. Using ASAP-MS qualitative screening methods we have delivered fast and efficient analysis not previously possible.

Analytical science competences

Our work in this field is built on our competence in materials and chemical properties, including the identification, quantification and characterization of physical and chemical activity. Our ability to understand and translate properties at the molecular level to materials performance is essential for the materials of today.


Physical chemical properties

Thermal (Tg) properties
Flash & HPer-DSC
Vacuum TGA
Humidity chamber TGA-DSC
End-group titrations
Chemical resistance
UV and thermal stability
Out Gassing
Diffusion Particle size (laser, sieving, microscopy), particle shape, powder characterisation, (powder flow, caking, hygroscopic behavior, charging etc.) viscometry

Process analytics

On-line NIR
MS. Micro-Reactors (Gas-, Liquid-, Solid-phase) coupled to analytical devices – DSC-NMR/ DSC-Raman/ TGA-GCMS/ EGA-GCMS/ Pyrolyser-GCMS

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  • Molecular imaging

    Molecular imaging

    Our capability in molecular imaging helps to shed valuable new light on our customers’ applications.

  • Catalyst characterization

    Catalyst characterization

    Our unique combination of competences in morphology, process analytics and data analysis & statistics drives our work in catalyst characterization.