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Understanding analytical science is one thing. Having the commercial acumen to integrate and apply this insight in new ways to industrial processes and applications? That’s another. At DSM Materials Science Center we apply our analytical knowledge of materials and chemicals to deliver tangible results - rapidly.


We are an analytical science partner for (biomedical) materials including bio-based polymers, packaging, advanced surfaces, catalysts and resins.


We provide analytical science solutions for route scouting and process design and control covering agro-chemicals, base chemicals, specialty chemicals, catalyst and consumer chemicals.


We provide a wide range of analytical science solutions for biomedical applications like medical polymers in drug delivery, biomedical implants and medical device coatings.

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  • Case studies

    Case studies

    DSM Materials Science center demonstrates its expertise through a wide range of analytical science case studies covering different markets and applications.

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    Our scientific network

    DSM Materials Science center is an analytical science partner with an extensive analytical science network across the public and private sector.

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    Contact us with your analytical science challenge, problem or question so we can resolve it for you!