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In the biomedical market we draw on a deep analytical knowledge from material sciences - and indeed where it interacts with biological sciences. In turn this is helping customers drive innovation in applications like implants, medical device coatings and drug delivery systems - for example in better understanding the degradation of polymers in medical applications.

Challenges we solve

We are part of DSM - the leading medical device materials development and manufacturing partner in the world. It’s a field facing rapid changes in the product requirements set by regulatory bodies and consumers; which is where we help customers gain a better understanding of their applications through:

  • Process reliability
    Correlating and controlling the quality of base products to the final product quality based on experimentation involving materials processing.
  • Product safety
    For example, polymeric drug delivery through the detailed profiling of their in-vivo and in-vitro degradation process.
  • Detailed product specifications
    With an emphasis on the profound materials characterization applied through our experience in designing validated macromolecular identification methodologies.

Biomedical science competences

What’s in the toolbox?

For this very broad science area, we use all our techniques and technologies to solve customers’ challenges based on our base competences like molecular structures, morphology and data analysis & statistics - which in turn creates our unique capability in fields like materials & chemical processing.


Electron Microscopy – cryo-wet SEM (VERSA -3D)/EDX
TEM (Osiris)
Cryo TEM (UM)
STEM-EDX. Xray-Scattering (tensile stage - SAXS, WAXS, XRPD)
HR Optical Microscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy (Nano-IR)
Solid State NMR (400 MHz – Melt probe)
(Confocal) Fluorescence Microscopy (UM)
XPS (Outsourcing)

Molecular structures

SS- & L-NMR Spectroscopy (500, 600 & 700 MHz)
HT & Meltprobe
FTIR & Raman spectro- & microscopy
UV-VIS microscopy
Fluorescence Microscopy
Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS)

Data analysis & statistics

White box modelling (reaction kinetics)
numerical mathematics
method validation
data mining
chemometry (PLS, PCA)
6-sigma support
image data analysis
algorithm development
tools development (macros in Excel, GUI)

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    We are an analytical science partner for (biomedical) materials including bio-based polymers, packaging, advanced surfaces, catalysts and resins.

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