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Additive Manufacturing

DSM Additive Manufacturing

At DSM, we have one clear goal: to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing, enabling sustainable production and improving people’s living.

DSM’s team helped pioneer the additive manufacturing industry more than 25 years ago with our Somos® products - and we never stopped innovating.

We draw on decades of experience in 3D printing technologies, performance materials and deep application expertise to help manufacturers change the way they design and manufacture products.

Designs that were challenging or impossible to produce with other manufacturing methods are now possible with 3D printing. And for the production of low volume batch size, 3D printing is already a more interesting option.  

Digital, connected and distributed manufacturing has become a reality with 3D printing, allowing you - as a manufacturer - to use more efficient and sustainable production methods. Furthermore, with 3D printing you can personalize or mass customize products in a cost-effective way.

More Choices. For More Applications.

Helping you make this a reality means giving you choices in finding the right material for your application. Which is why we concentrate on the application, not the technology

For every application and market, we carefully consider which business model best brings you the optimum 3D printing solution.

This also means working closely with each of you in genuine partnership – whether you’re a printer supplier, software developer, service provider, direct customer, or another materials supplier.

If you share our purpose to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing and want to create brighter lives for all - contact us today

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