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Additive Manufacturing


If you’re looking to make the impossible possible in applications for electrical systems, electronics, telecom, household products and lighting, our materials and expertise in additive manufacturing can help achieve it.

For years, your product development validation process was a mayor bottle neck in achieving fast route to market. Thanks to additive manufacturing, you can meet the growing demanding timelines by providing solutions to create:

  • Aesthetical models
  • Mechanical models
  • Production tools

With DSM materials, these parts not only look like the final intended mass production series – they are!

And as our newest materials were developed to produce durable parts, you now can 3D print actual functional parts – think small series production.

Additive manufacturing is not only changing the way products are designed, it is also changing the design itself. Shapes that were impossible or too complex to build with traditional techniques, can now be done using additive manufacturing. So as a designer, you are now only limited by your own creativity!

In fact, at DSM we’ve worked closely with the electrical & electronics market leaders for many years, helping designers re-imagine everything from connectors in mobile devices to circuit breakers.  

We know the impact that high performance materials can make to your applications, so let’s get connected.