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Additive Manufacturing


Are you ready to take medical applications to the next level? For more than 25 years, our expertise in additive manufacturing materials for the healthcare and dental industries has helped health professionals create stronger, more precise models, tools and devices. Now, we’re working on materials technology so they can produce fully finished 3D printed applications like dental implants.
Fluid microchip

Mandibular Bending Model in Somos ®Bioclear 

Health professionals who choose our materials and expertise for designing surgical models and medical devices benefit from a solution that is not only more robust and reliable for 3D printing, but also more transparent and easy to sterilize compared to traditional solutions.

When it comes to helping you create high-performance healthcare and dental end-use applications, 3D printing is not a distant goal. It’s actually happening. Our materials are being used today to create end-user medical products, quickly, cost efficiently and with less waste - for use in surgical theatre for example.

And it’s all based on our long-standing, intimate knowledge of the medical industry. DSM is the leading medical device materials development and manufacturing partner in the world. For many years, our expertise in polymers and ceramics has helped create medical products renowned for their strength, precision, dimensional stability and flexibility.  

At DSM we intend to continue working with the medical world to develop a whole new generation of products that boost the health of patients; and your bottom line.


*The parameters for medical testing are limited. It remains the responsibility of the device manufacturers to determine the usage fit for each particular device.

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