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Additive Manufacturing

Investment Casting

Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, is one of the oldest metal casting processes and is still very much in use today. Investment casting produces near net shape castings in ferrous and non-ferrous metal and is known for providing a high quality surface finish compared to other casting techniques. 

Our additive manufacturing materials for investment casting give you a viable alternative to expensive and complex wax or ceramic casting for prototypes or small-batch production.

We help you create a high-quality surface finish compared to other casting techniques – including the ability to create the complex hollow casting patterns needed for large manufacturing parts, for example in the aerospace industry.  

When it comes to investment casting, choosing DSM is an investment worth making.

Contact the Somos® Team to discover how Somos® can offer the perfect solution for your Investment Casting needs, or explore the possibilities by downloading our Investment Casting Guide below.



Investment Casting Pattern Service Bureaus