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Additive Manufacturing

Speed Up Production With 3D Printed Manufacturing Tools

With our materials for rapid tooling you can produce models that do more than looking good - they can produce functional parts - for molds, jigs, fixtures and investment castings. Whatever application challenge you face, we’ll support you in the production process and bring your designs to life.
materials for additive manufacturing parts

Injection Molding

In rapid and soft tooling production, plastic molds 3D-printed with our materials bring you quality and quantity. From the same mold, you can produce more components - saving time and money. Molds 3D-printed with our materials can handle higher pressure compared to other 3D-printed tools, as parts are printed with higher precision detail and show better resistance and durability. In addition, the molds can inject high-performance, engineering plastics due to its higher temperature resistance and increased density – something not possible before.

Composite Tooling

Are you looking for composite solutions which require a hollow structure with a smooth finish? Or need a solution for small lay-up tools? Our materials provide the solution to build tough, complex hollow parts with a superb surface finish and high feature by offering a sacrificial flexible core.

Jigs and Fixtures

For jigs and fixtures that help stabilize products during the manufacturing process, our materials and application expertise helps you produce the shape and size you need, in a short amount of time so you can keep your production line running smoothly.

Save Time

3D-printed tools produced with our additive manufacturing materials take one quarter of the time compared to conventional machining – even for complex designs.

So choose DSM to solve your application challenge, and instead of buying parts you’ll be buying time.

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