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Additive Manufacturing

Sports & Lifestyle

We’re entering a new era of personalization and customization for sports and lifestyle products. Think bespoke footwear, sports body protection and wearables that fit consumers’ unique needs. Our additive manufacturing materials and expertise can help brands achieve this. So what do you want to make?

At DSM, our experience in developing materials for additive manufacturing is now helping customers develop a new generation of sports and lifestyle products based on multiple 3D printing technologies.

In footwear, for example, our materials for rapid tooling are creating bouncy, flexible yet tough insoles and midsoles for sports footwear. The next goal? To produce fully finished products based on materials like our Arnitel®, that is already being used by our customers to create similar applications via traditional injection molding techniques. 

For personalized body protection like 3D-printed mouth guards, our materials are already bringing new performance and safety benefits to hockey players. Similar protection is open for other athletes. 

Through a family of liquid and solid materials we’re now planning to bring similar mass customization features to everything from shin protectors and helmets to glasses, ear buds – and even smart watches. 

Not only will these benefit sports players everywhere, they will help sport and lifestyle brands increase production efficiency and costs through the ability to produce precision 3D-printed products that consumers love.

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