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Additive Manufacturing

Arnitel® for 3D printing

Arnitel® offers a unique blend of extreme flexibility, high temperature resistance and strength, making it suitable for a broad range of applications, from sports mouth guards to automotive air-fuel management components.
Detail of soft and flexible structure printed with Arnitel® ID 2045

Detail of soft and flexible structure printed with Arnitel® ID2045

This high-performance Thermoplastic Copolyester (TPC) was the first of its kind on the market for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) applications. It is a highly flexible material for applications that need to resist UV or chemicals or - in case of the HT version - withstand long-term, high-temperature of 175 °C (1000 hrs) or 190 °C (500 hrs).  

Arnitel® is a soft and flexible material that brings speed to your 3D printing production – it loads onto the machine and prints twice as fast as other TPCs. It combines this easy and fast printing with high performance characteristics enabled by excellent inter-layer adhesion due to its slower crystallization behavior. 

Arnitel® is 100% recyclable, made with 50% bio-based feedstock. 

Like all DSM additive manufacturing materials, Arnitel® is supported by an experienced team of additive manufacturing application experts dedicated to helping you get the very most from your material.

Our Arnitel® Family for 3D Printing:

Arnitel® ID2045
>50% renewable content. For soft or flexible applications:

  • Automotive, aerospace, railway, motorsports – e.g. lighting frames, tubes, wipers.
  • Flexible tools and electronics
  • Healthcare – such as brosthetics, bruxism splints
  • Sports & Lifestyles – e.g. shoe midsoles, mouth guards, shin guards, glasses, earbuds, smartwatches, jewelry

Arnitel® ID2060 HT
100% Recyclable, for high temperature applications:

  • Transportation & Motorsports - Air-fuel management system; heat shields, tubes and covers for motor sports

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