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Additive Manufacturing

Novamid® for 3D Printing

With our Novamid® material for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), you can produce parts almost indistinguishable from those produced with standard injection molding.
3D printing spare parts

Air duct printed in Novamid® ID1070

This open source filament material is a pure polyamide 6/polyamide 66, and was originally developed many years ago by our Engineering Plastics experts for demanding specialty applications often subjected to extreme heat.

Adjusted to 3D-print easily, Novamid® filaments bring a unique combination of properties, including outstanding stiffness and ductility, across a range of applications - from transportation, to sports and electronics. Their optimized crystallization profile improves fusion, enabling parts with excellent interlayer strength and high surface quality. 

And it’s now available in a carbon fiber grade for structural parts with high dimensional stability and no warpage, in high performance applications.

Like all DSM additive manufacturing materials, Novamid® is supported by an experienced team of additive manufacturing application experts dedicated to helping you get the very most from your material.

Our Novamid® Family for 3D Printing:

Novamid® AM1030 FR

UL Blue Card certified PA6/66 filament for Fused Deposition Modeling/Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printing:

  • Automotive connectors
  • Electric and electronic connectors and enclosures
  • Lighting enclosures

Novamid® ID1030
PA6/66 material for durable applications requiring good mechanical properties:

  • Electronics - Benchtop assembly jigs, custom parts specific storage
  • Transportation
  • Sports & lifestyle

Novamid® ID1030 CF10
10% Carbon reinforced; prints as fast and easy as an unreinforced material. For applications such as:

  • End-use automotive (under-the-hood) and motorsports
  • Aerospace, railway
  • Robust performance tools, jigs & fixtures, electronics
  • Sports & lifestyle e.g. shoe lasts

Novamid® ID1070

PA6 material for high temperature resistant applications in harsh environments:

  • Automotive - Air intake parts, door handles, engine covers, radiator grills, etc.
  • Electronics tools and parts - Circuit breakers, connectors, tubes for wiring, cable protectors, etc.
  • Sports - Ski binders etc. 

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