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Additive Manufacturing

Arnite® AM8527 (G)

DSM introduces Arnite® AM8527 (G), a sustainable, glass-reinforced PET material for fused granulate fabrication additive manufacturing. The material is a cost-effective solution for tools and large size structural components for varied industries such as automotive and construction.
  • Engineering-grade PET, glass-filled
  • For pellet printing/fused granulate fabrication
Arnite AM8527

The automotive parts market and tooling industry is growing rapidly, and manufacturers need tools to be manufactured faster and more economically. Traditional manufacturing is a multi-step process, making it an expensive and time-consuming operation. The design process also often requires additional time for trial and error.

In response, DSM has developed Arnite® AM8527 (G), a 3D printing material that is easy to print and can build parts demonstrating the required high-performance properties. The pellet material has been developed from the engineering-grade material used in high volume production.

Additive manufacturing technology can help drive down the amount of time to build tools by reducing the number of steps needed, decreasing overall cost and offering a more sustainable solution. Additive manufacturing also eliminates the need for inventory and extra resources, saving on waste.

While DSM continues to develop these solutions, the benefits will remain the same: superb mechanical and temperature performance, ability to print on demand, plus cost and time savings.

Key Benefits

  • 3D printing process saves time and cost through elimination of traditional manufacturing steps
  • Superior mechanical performance (low CTE, specifically for carbon lay-up tools, and low moisture uptake, <0,1%)
  • Temperature capability
  • Sustainable solution
  • Easy processing on various machines
  • Easy machining, milling and sanding; less stress cracking


  • Tooling, including for autoclave
  • Prototypes
  • Low volume production of end-use parts (small size production, automotive and industrial spare parts)
  • Infrastructure, like pedestrian bridges
  • Large-size solutions

Technical Data