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Additive Manufacturing

Somos® 9000 Series: Form. Fit. Function.

The need for movable parts is a constant when it comes to prototyping. Being able to ensure the proper fit for parts within a component can save both time and money. Whatever industry or application, the Somos® 9000 series provides the ultimate solution for form, fit and function with parts that are semi-flexible. 

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Key Benefits for 3D Printing

  • Highly transparent
  • Semi-flexible 
  • Easy to use and finish

Somos® 9420

Delivering the brightest white material, Somos® 9420 will make heads turn when presented models in the boardroom. The pliable nature of this material makes it ideal for snap-fit parts and casings. It is also useful in market research evaluation, helping to speed up the testing process so products can get to the marketplace faster.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible 
  • Incredible Memory Retention 
  • Tough & Durable 
  • Bright Opaque-White Color

User Guide

Access the Somos® 9120 Series User Guide to get a complete overview of how best to handle, process and post-process the materials. 

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