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Additive Manufacturing

Somos® Momentum: For complex shapes and detail

Somos® Momentum provides a compelling solution that combines rich feature detail and dimensional stability with the most efficient printing outcomes available without compromising on surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

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Footwear manufacturers face a multitude of challenges, from developing durable solutions to managing design and the range of sizes required. They continue to seek more effective means to develop new designs to meet increasingly diverse customer needs, while also striving to quicken the pace of design and innovation. Additive manufacturing for footwear tooling has played a key role, and the inherent design flexibility, feature detail and surface quality offered by SL has led this technology into the mainstream. Footwear manufacturers continue to push for faster design iteration, shorter route to market and more cost- and time-efficient approaches.

DSM collaborated with key footwear manufacturers to develop an additive manufacturing material that addresses the specific needs for footwear tooling. Somos® Momentum offers high part accuracy, quality and fine feature detail. The outstanding accuracy of the resin allows the forming of sharp features which in turn enables the creation of detailed soles not only in initial design, but also translated into the aluminum mold.  In addition, the pink color of the material makes it easy to discern key features in the design and to inspect the parts for surface defects. Taking this technology a step further, direct printing of the sole will omit the need for detailing or texturing, speeding up the traditional tooling process up to 60%, enabling a cost reduction up to 30%.


Key Benefits

  • Highest efficiency stereolithography material
  • High accuracy and surface quality
  • Complex shapes and feature detail
  • Eliminates chemical texturing process
  • Color facilitates inspection of feature detail and quality
  • Overall cost saving during development and manufacturing

User Guide

Access the Somos® Momentum User Guide to get a complete overview of how best to handle, process and post-process the material.

Somos® Momentum

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