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Additive Manufacturing

DSM hosts ‘Shaping the Future for Additive Manufacturing’ Executive Roundtable

Elgin IL , US, 09 Jul 2013 12:00 CEST

DSM recently brought together thought leaders from across the globe to discuss how cutting-edge 3D printing technologies will transform all areas of manufacturing. The consensus of the group was that the potential for this evolving technology is tremendous. 

Representatives from the aerospace, automotive, medical, dental and consumer goods industries, as well as leaders from academia, government and industry associations, met at DSM’s second 'Shaping the Future for Additive Manufacturing' Executive Roundtable, held on Tuesday, 11 June in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s 2013 RAPID Conference. 

Roundtable participants discussed how materials play a key role in the advancement of Additive Manufacturing. DSM is a global leader in materials that are used worldwide in everything from cars and planes, orthopedic implants and sutures to mobile phones and athletic gear. DSM is an established leader in Additive Manufacturing with more than 20 years of experience with its Somos® stereolithography materials, a distinct and unique technology within Additive Manufacturing. Leveraging its broad capabilities, DSM is dedicated to providing high-performance material solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges.

What we do next will benefit OEMs, service providers, government and educational institutes and other customers, thus expanding the reach of the Additive Manufacturing industry,” said Bamidele Ali, Director of Additive Manufacturing Strategy at DSM. “We are dedicated to making the material difference in manufacturing and plan to hold similar roundtable events at various locations around the globe to determine what unique requirements exist for these regions.

DSM is excited about the possibilities created by the commitment to new innovations, which will enable future generations to realize the depths of their imaginations,” Ali said.