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DSM people in solar: Yu Ming

What’s important in solar? Here Yu Ming, the Senior Regional Business Manager for DSM Advanced Solar, China, provides some quick thoughts…
Yu Ming

As the world’s largest producer of PV modules, China is a major market for DSM. We’re continuing to show our commitment to it through continuing expansion, major technology acquisitions, and the continued development of our technical support network.

DSM is a global science company that has built its reputation on innovation. That’s why we now have a dedicated research center and application lab here in China where we work side-by-side with customers, testing new materials in their products and optimizing performance.

Our acquisition of “Sunshine” (Suzhou SunShine New Materials Technology Co Ltd) is huge. It will help our customers boost the power gain and durability of their PV modules and do it more sustainably – which is key to our country’s latest five-year plan for energy.

For solar customers in China, the technical support offered by DSM is the best in the industry. We have an extremely knowledgeable (both Chinese and English speaking) team that not only understands our customers, but also our customers’ customer – which is very important for module makers.

As a major science company, we are continuing to invest heavily in solar in China. We believe that materials have a big role to play in improving the performance of PV modules beyond coating applications, for example in solar cell technology. Let’s see what happens!

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