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Let’s win the innovation race together

If you want proven solar materials that take your projects to the next level, our family of materials technologies for solar could be the answer: From Anti-Reflective (AR) and Anti-Soiling (AS) coatings for solar glass, to PV backsheets, our materials are durable, sustainable, cost effective and proven to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).
Let’s win the innovation race together

Unique materials for solar projects

At DSM we can help you maximize the ever-narrowing window of opportunity for profitable innovation. With a 100-year track record in materials science, we not only have an intricate knowledge of the materials themselves, but we also know the best way to apply them in the field.

For example, our test sites in Europe, India and China - coupled with strategic development partnerships with market leaders - give solar decision-makers a first-hand view of how solar materials perform in the field.

AR coated glass for PV modules

If you want a competitive advantage in solar glass, our AR coating leads the industry with a 3% power gain in flash tests over non-coated solar glass. We integrate our materials (supported by quality systems) into your project designs at the earliest stage to maximize value and minimize risk.

And if your solar projects are in harsh, arid climates, you can now specify our Anti-Soiling (AS) coating for solar glass which combines both anti-reflective properties and anti-soiling properties, thus maintaining maximum power output for longer and reducing cleaning costs.

Calculate the cost benefit of our AS coating

Performance will ultimately depend on local conditions, including the type of soiling as well as the cleaning frequency and climate. To help you quantify the financial benefit to your solar park, we have developed a calculation tool. Contact us and give it a try.

Anti-Soiling coating or Anti-Reflective coating? Calculate how much you could save.

Endurance backsheets for PV modules

Our Endurance backsheets are made from materials that are proven to perform in the harshest outdoor conditions long-term - yet have a 30% reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional backsheets and are 100% recyclable. Already our innovation team is working on conductive backsheets for the next generation of back contact cell-based PV modules.

Conductive backsheets for high power back-contact modules

Our new Conductive backsheets deliver lossless conductivity, increasing your solar energy output by 3%.  It delivers flexibility in design and is compatible with different cell contact configuration e.g. 5x5 or 6x6 via MWT cells. This latest innovation finally enables high power back-contact cell technology to realize its true potential – and it’s now ready for mass commercial production.

No matter what the solution, our long-term commitment to the solar industry remains the same: To make clean, solar energy a reality for all.

Same sun. More power.™

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