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Solutions for solar glass manufacturers

Setting the benchmark in solar performance

If you want to create a premium, differentiated solar glass product then DSM is the solar partner for you. The Anti-Reflective (AR) coating technology we created for solar cover glass already leads the industry with a consistent 3% power gain measured in flash tests.
Setting the benchmark in solar performance

Now our bright minds have taken this innovation to the next level by creating an Anti-Soiling (AS) coating. It provides the same AR functionality plus great anti-soiling properties, enabling solar modules in arid climates to maintain their performance for longer and reduce the number of cleaning cycles and cleaning costs.

Leading the way in solar: Better together

One of the best ways for you to bring new technologies to the market and maximize your competitive advantage, is to use innovative and unique materials for your products. Just ask a few solar park owners, who are today benefitting from a significant power gain thanks to our AR coating for solar glass.

In fact, today this single technology is enabling more than 250 million solar modules worldwide to capture more of the sun’s power- which equals more than 70GW installed capacity.

The coatings are easy to apply, and integrate with your existing operation; they are suitable for both rolled (patterned) and float glass; and they can be applied on either one side or both sides of the glass. Furthermore they have the best consistent, batch-to-batch performance in the industry.

Proven solar partner

As a global science-based company with a 100-year plus track-record in materials sciences we are the ideal partner to help you succeed in the quest to help module makers reduce LCOE. And we help you achieve this with minimum disruption to your current production processes.

The innovation doesn’t end with current AR and AS coatings. We continuously strive for further optimizations and innovative products. 

The one thing all these materials innovations have in common? Helping you to help the solar industry reduce LCOE.

Same sun. More power.™

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