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Module producers

Leading the way in solar: Better together

As a PV module manufacturer you want to maximize solar power gain and reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Our family of material solutions for solar helps you achieve it – from Anti-Reflective (AR) and Anti-Soiling (AS) coatings for solar glass, to next-generation Endurance backsheets, to new innovations like Conductive backsheets. 
Leading the way in solar: Better together

Boost power and reduce LCOE of solar modules

To create a high-performance PV module you need high-performance materials – which is where DSM gives you a competitive advantage. As a leading global science-based brand we not only have an intricate knowledge of polymers, coatings and resins, but we also know the best way to apply them in the field.

In fact, our outdoor analysis and research facilities lead the PV industry, with state-of-the-art test sites in India, China and Europe – complemented by third party support and validation from renowned industry names like Fraunhofer ISE and CPVT.

Solar solutions for module makers today

We offer:

  • A unique Anti-Reflective (AR) solar coating that gives you a consistent 3% energy gain in solar panels versus standard solar glass – the best performance on the market. More >
  • An Anti-Soiling (AS) coating for solar modules in harsh, arid climates with anti-relfective as well as anti-soiling properties, maintaining the maximum power output for longer,while requiring less water, energy and labor to clean and maintain. More >
  • Endurance backsheets for PV modules made from unique materials that are proven to perform in the field long-term, for reliable solar performance in extreme environments. More >
  • Conductive backsheets for high power back-contact modules. Our new Conductive backsheets deliver lossless conductivity, increasing your solar energy output of solar modules by up to 3%.  More>

Same sun. More power.™