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Let’s win the solar innovation race together

We see a future powered by sustainable energy with starring role for solar – and it’s in our lifetime. In fact, by 2050 it could be possible that 25- 50% of the world’s energy is delivered by solar. At DSM we’re more focused than ever on how to get there – through in-depth research and applied technology development that will bring new innovative material solutions in both the short and long-term. And all in close cooperation with our partners.
Let’s win the solar innovation race together

Our goal is simple: To make clean, solar energy a reality for all

At DSM that means putting our science-based innovation engine to work developing materials and technologies that further lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). We strive to create what we call Brighter Living Solutions - profitable products and innovations that have a measurably better on our planet and its people than the mainstream solutions.

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