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DSM wins 2018 “All Quality Matters” Award

DSM was invited to attend the 2019 “All Quality Matters” Solar Congress and won the PV Component Backsheet for its innovative MP Sheet PF B10 Endurance backsheet. Mr. Bian Zhongyi, Global Sales Director of DSM Advanced Solar, was invited to take the stage to receive the award and offered an exclusive interview to the media.

Looking back on the development of the photovoltaic industry for decades, science and technology have driven progress, and material innovations are emerging one after another. Thanks to the joint efforts of all employees in the industry, the power generation cost of the photovoltaic industry continues to decrease, and PV will soon become a clean energy source that is affordable for all. Among them, backsheet materials have undergone many technological changes and are gradually moving towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly direction.

Since the acquisition of Suzhou Shunshine Solar Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017, DSM has been committed to developing environmentally friendly Endurance backsheets based on innovative materials and technology. This award winner B10 is the implementation of this concept, which has been widely recognized by many customers in the few years since its introduction to the market. The award is more than enough to prove that the performance of this backsheet can withstand the third-party authority verification.

At DSM, our purpose is to create a better life for all. We are committed to creating brighter living solutions: innovations and products that are better for the planet (Eco+) and/or people (People+) based on a product lifecycle approach. In the field of PV industry, DSM always adheres to the direction of sustainable development, continuously invests in the field of innovation, and works closely with our customers to provide products with excellent performance, containing no toxic and harmful materials, and driving recyclable products.

In this way, we are making a positive contribution to the entire industry. Same sun. More power.™

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