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PV Backsheets

Endurance backsheets: Reliability in extreme environments

Our Endurance backsheets for photovoltaic (PV) modules will help you unlock new value by delivering maximum protection and long-term power gain at a competitive price. Made from materials proven to perform for decades in the harshest conditions, they are co-extruded for extra interlayer strength and high-reflectivity. And they’re 100% recyclable.

Our Endurance backsheets contain Polyamide PA12, a tough flexible material already used for many years for extreme applications like tubes and pipes in the oil industry; protective coatings of cutlery boxes and trays in dish washers; or UV-exposed applications in construction and automotive. Through a unique co-extrusion process our backsheet is produced as a single piece thus eliminating the potential for delamination that can happen in conventional laminated backsheets.

Benefits of Endurance backsheet from DSM

We offer various grades of backsheet for PV modules, ranging from a high-reflection grade, to a grade for high system voltages (1500 V), to black backsheets. All are based on a unique patented technology, where sustainable materials are co-extruded to boost strength and durability. Specifically, our backsheets offer:

  • Higher output gains through excellent optical reflection of more than 90% (between 380~1100nm).
  • Superior durability and UV performance versus existing products. We performed numerous various (accelerated) tests in collaboration with leading independent research institutes.
  • Best-in-class resistance to sand blasts, especially in hot climates.
  • Improved moisture barrier compared to other backsheets. Even at high temperatures, moisture ingress is low, which helps reduce potential induced degradation (PID) and snail trails.
  • Extremely abrasion resistant (withstanding the extreme sand abrasion test).
  • Sustainable solar backsheets.

Our backsheets are 100% recyclable with no production waste; and they have a 30% lower CO2 footprint compared to fluorinated backsheets.

Supporting you

We complement all this with outstanding customer service, including expert advice and technical support available wherever in the world you may be.

Same sun. More power.™

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