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Macromolecular Characterization

Macromolecular Characterization: What’s inside?

Our analytical capability in Macromolecular Characterization helps deliver new insight for customers – from understanding the relation between the presence of ‘branching’ in synthetic polymer to the properties of high performance materials.
Macromolecular Characterization

Covering the full range of materials

We have more than 50 years of knowhow in the analysis of the molecular composition of bio-or synthetic polymers. It comes through our long-standing experience in Materials as part of the DSM family; but also through access to new - and often commercially unavailable techniques – developed through our Scientific Network.

In fact, our work in Macromolecular Characterization ranges from polyolefines; to difficult-to-dissolve polyamides; to complex polyesters; to water-borne polyoxazolines, polyamides, lipids and even peptides/ proteins.




Solving real analytical Challenges

Just two ways that our Macromolecular Capabilities have helped customers…

  • Characterizing ‘branching’ in drug release devices: A pharmaceutical customer was experiencing randomness and ‘branching’ in drug release devices. By using multi-detection macromolecular SEC techniques we were able to shed valuable light on the problem.

  • Analyzing brittleness in medical devices: A medical device manufacturer was struggling with brittleness in its product after sterile irradiation and needed to know if this was molecule related. By using multi-detection macromolecular SEC techniques, we identified the cause.

Analytical science competences

Our capability in Macromolecular Characterization is driven by our competences in Molecular Structures, Quantification and Data Analysis & Statistics.

Molecular Structures

Our competence in Molecular Structures covers our ability to identify and characterize molecules - and of course knowing which technologies to apply. In our experience it often requires multiple technologies to fully understand a molecule – and then integrate the data to describe it.


Quantification covers our ability to quantify molecules and assemblies of molecules.

In addition to asking ourselves ‘how much?’, we also need to ask how much a molecule is actually doing? And indeed what is it doing? From sample taking to preparation, detection and weighing, the only way to achieve this is with repeatable precision accuracy.

Data Analysis & Statistics

Our capability in Data Analysis & Statistics includes our ability to process analytical raw data to enable its interpretation…and ultimately create information. Our ability to analyze and link data at different scientific levels is the key to increasing information density for our customers - and giving them new insight into their applications and how to improve them.

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