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DSM Resolve

Small Molecule Profiling

Small Molecule Profiling: New insight

Through our capability in Small Molecule Profiling we are giving customers fresh insight into their complex materials, which in turn is helping to reduce everything from volatiles to unwanted residues.

Solving real problems: Detecting defects

A manufacturer needed to understand the chemical structure of small molecules in their material to reduce volatiles, yellowing, odor and unwanted residues. So…we delivered analysis of specific components in complex mixtures using LC/GC-MS-NMR.

This capability in Small Molecule Profiling is driven by competences in Molecular Structures, Quantification, and Data Analysis & Statistics

Molecular Structures

Molecular Structures covers our ability to identify and characterize molecules.

This means understanding the molecule and all the aspects of it; and knowing which technologies to apply, and how to integrate the data to describe it.


Quantification covers our ability to quantify molecules and assemblies of molecules.

In addition to asking ourselves ‘how much?’, we also need to ask how much a molecule is actually doing? And indeed what is it doing? From sample taking to preparation, detection and weighing, the only way to achieve this is with repeatable precision accuracy.

Data Analysis & Statistics

Our capability in Data Analysis & Statistics includes the ability to process analytical raw data to enable its interpretation…and ultimately create information. Our ability to analyze and link data at different scientific levels is the key to increasing information density for our customers - and giving them new insight into their applications and how to improve them.

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