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DSM Resolve


Analytical sciences for chemicals: At your service

From petrochemicals and paints to soaps and detergents, we bring value to customers across a broad range of chemical applications. Our analytical science solutions help define - and design - both materials and the industrial processes that create them.

Challenges we solve

We bring you a comprehensive solution for the challenges involved in large chemical plants: DSM began its life as a chemical company and today DSM Resolve sits at the heart of an industrial and scientific hub with ca. 70 plants. This enables us to tackle challenges in base chemicals, specialty chemicals and consumer chemicals that include:

  • Successful process design: Creating insight into the reaction kinetics by combining our knowledge in  Chemical Processing.
  • Proven process reliability: Characterizing the particle structure of catalysts with novel Molecular Imaging technologies and processing of large data sets.
  • Stringent product specifications for all types of chemicals by giving a comprehensive overview of all macro- and Small Molecular species, their structural identify and quantity.
  • Support for production safety by using our extensive experience in exposure measurement across a large variety of industries.

Chemical science competences: What’s in the toolbox?

We use a broad range of techniques and technologies to solve customers’ challenges based on our base competences like Process Analytics, Data processing and statistics and quantification – which in turn creates our unique capability in fields like Materials & Chemical Processing.

Quantification - L-NMR GC-(FID/NPD/SCD/AED), GC-MS/MS, 2D-GC, (UP)LC, (UP)LC-MS/MS, Ion Chromatography, HT-, LT- & Aq-SEC, SEC-MS, SEC-LC, SEC-MALS/RI/IR/Visco, SPE, SPME, Soxhlet, ASE, TREF, Fractionation, XRF, µ-XRF, ICP-AES, NAA, ICP-AES, ICP-MS, CHN, titrimetry, density, TOC, Exposure Measurements – Gas sampling

Process Analytics - On-line NIR, Raman, MS. Micro-Reactors (Gas-, Liquid-, Solid-phase) coupled to analytical devices – DSC-NMR/ DSC-Raman/ TGA-GCMS/ EGA-GCMS/ Pyrolyser-GCMS

Data processing & statistics - DoE, White box modelling (reaction kinetics), numerical mathematics, method validation, data mining, chemometry (PLS, PCA), 6-sigma support, image data analysis, algorithm development, tools development (macros in Excel, GUI), Sensometrics.

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