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DSM Resolve


Analytical sciences for materials: At your service

As an analytical science partner our knowledge of materials and their bio equivalents covers polymers, coatings, resins and advanced surfaces: All core businesses of our parent company, DSM. By applying this analytical knowledge, we solve a range of complex problems for customers, from working with engineers to boost batch consistency, to reducing defects in electrical products.

Challenges we solve

Analytical science is playing an ever-important role in helping manufacturers meet the defining challenges in materials - from sustainability, to reduced weight, to increased durability; and all at lower cost. Increasingly we contribute to the design of a broad range of new materials by translating the chemical composition to their meso- and macroscopic properties. At DSM Resolve we can help you with:

  • More stringent product specification settings, and the need for optimization of polymer synthesis , we can deliver a detailed insight into the macromolecular composition.
  • Materials’ properties and the dependence on the materials’ morphology and organization at the molecular level: by applying novel molecular imaging technologies.
  • Product reliability: through in-depth understanding of materials processing, for example by correlating detailed insight into crystallization processes of materials properties.
  • Product safety, quantification of residuals and small molecule (capability) additives: through fast screening approaches.

Polymer science competences: What’s in the toolbox?

We use a broad range of techniques and technologies to solve customers’ challenges based on our base competences like Morphology and Materials & Chemical Properties – which in turn creates our unique capability in fields like Materials & Chemical Processing.

Morphology Electron Microscopy – cryo-wet SEM (VERSA -3D)/EDX, TEM (Osiris), Cryo TEM (UM), STEM-EDX. Xray-Scattering (tensile stage - SAXS, WAXS, XRPD,..), HR Optical Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy (Nano-IR), Solid State NMR (400 MHz – Melt probe), QCM, (confocal) Fluorescence Microscopy (UM), XPS (Outsourcing).

Materials Properties - Thermal (Tg) properties, DSC,Flash & HPer-DSC, micro-calorimetry, TGA, vacuum TGA, Humidity chamber TGA-DSC, Visco, Crystallization, End-group titrations, Zeta-potentials, chemical resistance, UV and thermal stability, out Gassing, LogP/D, Solubility, Diffusion Particle size (laser, sieving, microscopy), particle shape, powder characterisation, (powder flow, caking, hygroscopic behavior, charging etc.) viscometry.

Materials & Chemical processing - On-line NIR, Raman, MS. Micro-Reactors (Gas-, Liquid-, Solid-phase) coupled to analytical devices – DSC-NMR/ DSC-Raman/ TGA-GCMS/ EGA-GCMS/ Pyrolyser-GCMS.

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