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DSM Resolve

Scientific Network

Building scientific capability through partnership

As an analytical science partner we recognize that we cannot do it alone. To continue adding value to our customers we need to be plugged into a vibrant and stimulating R&D network – at regional, national and international level; and across private and public institutions.
Scientific Network

Working with the best

Scientific partnerships provide the foundation for our five scientific capabilities of Molecular Imaging, Materials & Chemicals Processing, Catalyst Characterization, Macromolecular Characterization, and Small Molecule Profiling.

  • Our collaboration with the Technical University of Aachen is helping to develop Nano-IR, a novel technology in our Molecular Imaging toolbox. 
  • The HOSANA project is all about improving capability in the characterization of macromolecules and their assemblies. Our partners are academic  - the VU University and University of Amsterdam – and also Postnova and Bruker, R&D-minded instrument developers.
  • The OFF/ON projects covers the processing of (large) data sets with new chemometric tools, boosting our unique capability in Materials & Chemical Processing together with Catalyst Characterization.  

Meeting scientific megatrends head on

How does our scientific network actually help customers? Just one example is the industrial mega-trend based on designing product properties based on fundamental insight into their chemical composition and/or organization.

We use our scientific network in the early stage of developing new and novel analytical technologies with ultimate chemical and spatial resolution, making this challenge reality.

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