Other applications

Other applications

Medical applications

High purity and consistent quality makes DSM's UHMwPE the perfect choice for artificial knees, hip and shoulder joints.                                                                                                                                                    

Ultra-strong fibers with many applications

Stamylan® UH is the raw material for Dyneema-® the world's strongest fiber™. This amazing fiber has an unlimited number of applications.

Films and tapes 

Transparency and very high wear resistance make Stamylan® UH an ideal material for ensuring the exceptionally low friction performance of products such as skis and snowboards.

Microporous film 

Gel processing allows Stamylan® UH to be incorporated into highly-permeable membranes for filtration and separation, electronic devices, transdermal drug release patches, etc.


In addition, Stamylan® UH grades can be added to other engineered plastics to enhance abrasion resistance and/or sliding properties, or to introduce anti-slip behaviour in heavy duty polyethylene film.