Performance characteristics

Performance characteristics

Do you want to know more on Stamylan® UH performance characteristics?

Wear resistance

Stamylan® UH offers very high wear resistance.

Impact resistance

Stamylan® UH displays excellent notched impact strength, even at very low temperatures.


Stamylan® UH has a low coefficient of friction and self-lubrication properties that render it very suitable as a sliding material.

Molecular weight

Molecular weight is the critical parameter in determining abrasion resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance.

Particle size distribution

Stamylan® UH contains less than 1% of particles measuring smaller than 63 microns.

Chemical resistance

The resistance of Stamylan® - UH to aggressive media—including most strong oxidizing agents—is excellent.

Moisture uptake

Stamylan® UH, like all polyethylenes, is water-repellent and exhibits a very low moisture uptake.

Electrical properties

Stamylan® UH has excellent dielectric and insulating properties.

Polymer density

Stamylan® UH has a lower density compared to other engineering plastics or construction materials.