Trosar™ is DSM’s value offering for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, and is available in various performance grades as fiber and unidirectional laminate (UD). To deliver a reliable supply of consistent high quality, Trosar™ is manufactured to consistent quality standards by DSM in the Netherlands, North America and China. Delivering performance exactly as promised.

Trosar™ Fiber

The Trosar™ fiber range spans from 440 to 1780 dtex, with a tensile strength up to 36cN/dtex. This makes Trosar™ suitable for industrial applications including ropes, slings and nets that need the high strength and high modulus performance of a HMPE fiber.

Trosar™ UD

Trosar™ UD is made of unidirectional layers of fibers, stacked in a 0/90 degree pattern and bonded to form a sheet. These deliver highly effective energy absorption and protect against various levels of ballistic threat. Available as soft and hard ballistics.

Only HMPE player with global manufacturing footprint

DSM Protective Materials has over 50 years of global business experience, with manufacturing and office locations in the US, the Netherlands, Singapore and China. With a proven track record there is also a continued investment in growing our teams of scientists, innovation platforms and long-term partnerships with leaders in all market segments.

Our commitment

Whether protecting first responders, law enforcement officers and service personnel, improving safety for millions of workers, or revolutionizing renewable energy projects – we protect people and the environment they live in. Because all life is precious.