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Truly top coating and finishing with Uralac® Ultra

At DSM we believe that the resin is the heart of the paint – binding the pigment and helping to create an unforgettable product. Uralac® Ultra is a powder coating technology like no other because it enables fast and efficient coating of engineered wood like MDF with outstanding aesthetics and lasting performance - at a very competitive cost-per-square-metre. This proven technology benefits industrial coating specialists, paint companies, brands and consumers alike – as well as the environment. So if you’re looking for a partner with a binding commitment to the coating industry… you’ve found one. 

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What others say about Uralac® Ultra

  • “We also believe that powder coating technology had reached the level of sophistication where we wanted to use it”. 

    Filip Laureyssen, Kempa’s Customer Care Manager

  • “We are always looking for ways to reduce costs but they should never impact quality. Fortunately, these powder coatings deliver on both”.

    Paul Maeyninckx, company owner Kempa 

  • “There are many benefits in powder coatings. First and foremost, they are totally toxin free”.

    Walter Schweiger, company owner Finima by Schweiger GmbH

Application areas

Be more competitive with Uralac® Ultra

  • Design freedom

    Uralac® Ultra provides a strong, seamless finish – with either textured or smooth appearance – at multiple gloss levels and in many colors.

  • Durable

    Uralac® Ultra -treated products have been submitted to key industry standard tests, such as NEN-EN 12720, Blue Wool Scale and hinge hole (Ledro test) benchmarking.

  • Economical

    Uralac® Ultra’s fully automated, one-step, low-temperature curing finishing process delivers significant savings in terms of time, labor and energy use.

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