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Powder coating technology: So how does it work?

So how does the technology behind Ultra-enabled power coating work? How does it differ to traditional liquid-based coating? And what are the benefits? Take a look for yourself…

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1Uralac® Ultra Powder Coating Process

Production & preparation

MDF is shaped, cut, routed and sanded as the designer prescribed. Due to the ease of processing of the one layer Ultra coating, the freedom in shapes is huge. Climatizing the MDF for a stable moisture percentage of the MDF, will make the process more consistent over different weather conditions and MDF supplier variations. Typical moisture percentages are between 4 and 8%



The coating process starts with loading the conveyer belt with the MDF objects to coat. The MDF is hanging at metal hooks for a good earthing of the material.


First step in the application process is pre-heating. In an IR oven, the MDF is heated to 50-60ºC for a good homogeneous conductivity of the substrate.



Application of the Ultra powder is done with standard corona spray guns. The use of an active counter electrode give a huge step in the control of an evenly applied coating layer.


Curing of the coating is done at 130ºC for 3 minutes, depending on the substrate and powder used, the heat-up time varies between 2 to 5 minutes. An infrared oven is needed to have a fast heat-up and cure without over-heating the MDF. 130ºC is low enough to not damage most MDF types.


Unload, pack & ship

After cooling down the conveyer belt can be un-loaded. The cooled down MDF has a fully cured coating now and is ready to pack and ship.

How does it work?

Many manufacturers have embraced the newest Uralac® Ultra technology because of its many revolutionary advantages. With this technology it is possible to powder coat different kinds of wood like for example MDF. Interested in what Uralac® Ultra can do for you and the process? Watch the movie and find out.

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