Creating brighter lives for all

Our purpose as a company is to create brighter lives for all.

We cannot be successful, nor even call ourselves successful, in a world that fails. If we are to feed, sustainability and responsibly, the 9.7 billion people who are expected to share our planet by 2050, the time to change is now.

Our work supports the development of a more sustainable global animal production industry.

At DSM, we are committed to creating an industry that can meet the nutritional needs of the world’s rapidly growing population, while remaining within critical planetary boundaries.

Collaborating closely with our customers, we work to solve some of today’s biggest global challenges, helping to bring about a fairer and more prosperous society for all.



Leading the way in sustainability

Animal-based proteins are highly nutritious and form a key part of a balanced, healthy diet.

However, rising demand for animal protein is driving up greenhouse gas emissions and piling pressure on natural resources.

We must apply new thinking, new technologies, and new business models to create a more sustainable industry for the whole planet.

Our nutrition goals

Sustainability is our core value, and it underpins our Purpose Led, Performance Driven strategy.

We strongly believe that the world needs sustainable food systems. That’s why we are working to transform the animal nutrition and health industry worldwide so that it can deliver the solutions our planet needs, creating brighter lives for all.

We have four key nutrition goals:

  1. To advocate healthy and balanced nutrition for all
  2. To improve the nutrient content both of feed and of food
  3. To enable the feeding of the world’s growing population on the basis of the finite natural resources available.
  4. To reduce the eco-footprint of food production, which means keeping it within planetary boundaries.

To achieve these goals we focus on 6 key sustainability platforms which cover the following areas that are critical to sustainable animal production:

  1. Helping tackle antimicrobial resistance
  2. Reducing our reliance on marine resources
  3. Reducing emissions from livestock
  4. Making efficient use of natural resources
  5. Reducing food loss and waste
  6. Improving lifetime performance of farm animals

If not us, who?
If not now, when?


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