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We Make It Possible!

At DSM, we are tackling some of the biggest challenges facing society & the animal protein industry today.

We strongly believe in sustainable food systems. We are sure that the livestock industry can transform itself from within to be a part of the solution. We want to play a key role in this transformation and work at species and country level, with our partners, to provide tangible and actionable solutions to create brighter lives for all.

If not us, who?
If not now, when?

See what some of our employees have to say about their dedication to making this vision a reality.

Whether thinking back to what first brought them into animal nutrition & health, or looking forward to the evening’s discussion around the family dinner table, they know that they are part of a bigger world that is calling for positive change right now.



Olivia Ou | Marketing Comms Manager, G. China

Sustainability was the first impression I had of DSM. My story with DSM can be traced back to three years ago. When waiting at the reception area for an job interview, I randomly picked a booklet from the bookshelf.

Brock Abreu | Director, Global Marketing Poultry

As a young boy living in a major city, when it came to food things were simple: just go to the supermarket (or a fast food outlet, like most young kids did), and enjoy a wide selection of delicious ‘tucker’ as Aussies would say...

Fernando Cisneros-Gonzalez | Carotenoids Global Lead

The We Make it Possible new positioning is very personal for me. It is all about food security and sustainability. I grew up in a very modest area of Mexico City and even as we always have a nutritious meal in front of us, that was not the same for my friends in the neighborhood...

Achyuth Iyengar | ​​​​​​​Director Specialty Solutions APAC

Sustainability is our core purpose… So, what does it mean to me? I reflected on 2 people’s perspective… one what my ANH President, Ivo, says and secondly on what is important to my 7-year old daughter...

Christie Chavis | VP, ANH Specialty Solutions

As a young girl on my parent’s farm, it was one of my responsibilities to monitor the cows of our beef herd. In the morning, I would start by saddling my horse and riding the fence to ensure all was in order and none were out. Quick check of the water, hay and the animals to be sure everyone was OK...

Augusto Adami | ​​​​​​​VP ANH Latam

Since I was a boy my dream and passion have been to work with animal farming. In order to be in touch with nature and also for having the possibility of using science in the field, I decided to pursue the veterinarian career..

Henk Bosch | Sustainability Manager

When I was a kid my father had a small pig and dairy farm and sold animal feed for Hendrix Voeders, now For Farmers, now one of the largest feed manufacture in Europe.

Julien Martin | Director, Global Ruminants

What if we could collect methane emissions by dressing cows with an astronaut helmet? Or by breeding them in hermetic barns? How much could we get for 1 ton of methane captured...

Peter Fisher | VP, Nutrition and Health Solutions

Prior to joining DSM more than 20 years ago I studied & worked as a meat scientist for close to a decade. I had the privilege to travel widely and consulted with many producers, processors, retailers and consumers...

Justin Wang | ​​​​​​​Vice President of Greater China

African Swine Fever(ASF), a century old animal disease originated from Africa in 1921, now affects more than 40% of the global swine herd. It took only one year for the virus to spread across China and to reduce in half our swine inventory...

Jean-Paul Ruckebusch | ​​​​​​​Global Enzymes Business Lead

My grandfather was a farmer proud of his herd and respected by his neighbors. It looks like these times are gone but we can help today’s animal producers to be proud again of their efforts to feed the world...

Charlie Culley | ​​​​​​​HyD Global Lead

Growing up on an animal farm in Australia, I always wondered why agriculture did not have more respect in society. Everyone needs to eat daily and this continuous supply of food has to be produced by farmers...

Chandr Shakhar | ​​​​​​​Business Manager - Ruminants - India

The We Make It Possible Campaign is really a milestone toward addressing the real challenges which the world has started facing. I grew up in a city of India where the cow is considered a sacred animal...

Jeremiah Nemechek | ​​​​​​​Global Swine Lead

Growing up in North Carolina, one of the most prominent swine regions of the US, pigs were a way of life. My family never owned livestock, but my father was a swine veterinarian and our entire livelihood depended on the local swine industry...

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