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New NIP Brochure

New NIP Brochure

Combating national malnutrition issues through staple food fortification

Combating national malnutrition issues through staple food fortification

Micronutrient Powders Brochure

Micronutrient Powders Brochure

Woman and baby Mexico Event page

DSM at the Micronutrient Forum Global Conference 2016October, Mexico

Read what was discussed during the symposiums where DSM experts presented the latest nutritional science, solutions and thought leadership topics that enable healthy human lives and unlock sustainable societal and economic progress. Read more…

DSM #2 on Fortune Magazine's ‘Change the World’ list

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DSM was recognized as the second-place company among leaders like JP Morgan (#1) and Apple (#3). View the full list​.

​​​Fortune applauded DSM’s efforts on the front lines in the fight against malnutrition and recognized the company’s sustainable solutions in the areas of nutrition, climate change and more. Read the article and watch the video here.

Unlocking human potential 

DSM’s Nutrition Improvement Program is the partner of choice in the development and provision of high quality, affordable and accessible nutritional products and solutions that fight hidden hunger and have a proven public health impact on populations at risk of, or affected by, malnutrition. More>

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Feeding Hidden Hunger  

What exactly is Hidden Hunger and why does it matter?

Anthony Hehir, Director of the Nutrition Improvement Program, attended the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development, 22-24 November 2016, in Singapore. In an interview with Channel News Asia, Anthony, together with Sam Kass, a food entrepreneur, former White House Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition,  answered to these important questions. Click here to watch more...