Premix Solutions

dsm-firmenich Premix Solutions are designed
with your consumers in mind.

Whatever the product you are trying to develop, or the need you are trying to meet,
we offer a creative partnership, helping you find the right solutions to drive you from concept to consumer.

Everything we do
works around consumers

We conduct proprietary global trend research unlocking consumer needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

300 concepts inspired by consumers across 5 key markets

Streamline your business

We provide a single solution to reduce complexity in your value chain and create efficiency. Focus on consumers while growing your business.

number of suppliers and production management.

quality control and compliance.

Building relationships to meet your ingredients needs

Through our expert partnership network we can manage everything from:

- Generating IP 
- Running clinical trials
- Sourcing

- Cost Management
- Traceability
- Local Regulations

Meeting consumer needs everywhere

With the largest premix footprint in the world, you get the full force of a global organization with the precision that comes from local expertise.

Greater continuity of supply
streamlined manufacturing processes
and access to new markets.

Delivering peace of mind 

We take pride developing, manufacturing and delivering safe products, ensuring unrivalled quality during every step of the product lifecyle, that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Adapt, Flex and Fit to any business, any challenge, any ambition


50+ formulation experts based in 15 locations


48hr turnaround time of formulation concepts and samples


100,000+ custom nutrient premix formulas already developed

Constantly investing in our business to keep you one step ahead

We have access to proprietary ingredients, technology systems and fast-tracked innovation, with Market-ready Solutions.

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Discover customized medical nutrition Premix Solutions

We believe
every partnership
has an impact.

We believe
every product
has a purpose.

We believe
every partnership
has an impact.

We believe
every product
has a purpose.

We are more than an ingredients provider, we are a reliable, end-to-end,
innovative, purpose-led partner, powered by experts to deliver science-backed
nutrition and health products and quality customized solutions.

dsm-firmenich Premix Solutions
Partner with us to tailor-make your next top-selling product

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